3/17/2018 Update: Several changes made

I started the eventing over from scratch and separated several things into its own common events so that it will be easier to edit or change later.  I'm focusing on chance battles with a few more weapons available in battle. The salve and additional battle items can now be crafted instead of being bought out right from a traveling merchant.

I'd like for the battles to be choice based, but I think I'll save that for the "Boss" monsters. Writing is not my strong suit, so it'll be difficult to make in-depth choices without the battle itself being shallow and boring. I don't want the choice based battles seem cookie cutter, so I'll put more effort in the boss monsters.

I changed some game play elements in the exploration, turns have been increased to 30, and now finding water is chance based. I felt that having a set route is too easy to exploit and takes away the everyday survival premise of the game.  I've also added a few more animals that can be hunted. 

Instead of the same static forest image, it will now randomly choose a different forest image everyday. It will be some time before I release an actual demo with these changes. After implementing every thing I want to add and change, I will play test it to make sure everything works as intended.

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