Welcome to the Land of Winterfelt. After just returning back to their homeland Aurorai and Khasian learn of some new trouble coming their way. Outsiders. In response to this, the Guardians of Winterfelt has started to awaken. The people of Winterfelt see this as a measure to offer them protection should the outsiders friendly intentions turn sour. The outsiders, see this a troubling situation. As such rumors are starting to spread about a certain outsider hero being seen around Winterfelt. Aurorai and Khasian set out to find the truth behind the Guardian's awakening. It's their homeland, and no one is going to interfere, not even the Hero Arteiga. Join Aurorai and Khasian on their journey to protect their homeland, from the Hero. 

This is just a test demo of my game. Basic battle features and a look into the story of the game is what this demo provides. One small dungeon and a Boss. I work full time and can only work on creating the games assets in my free time. I have about 60 -70% of all graphic assets complete. I'm looking for a source for different background music, I don't want to use the stock music of RPG Maker MV. I still need to make battle backgrounds and have started on custom in-game icons. I am only one person and hope for your patient wait for this games completion.

This Demo's purpose is to drum up some attention for my game, and I hope to release a full demo in 2018 with all game-play features implemented, like side-view battles and character transformations.

Feel free to give me any suggestions you'd like to see in the game. I will do my best to answer any questions and give updates on my progress. Donations at this stage isn't necessary but greatly appreciated.

The only characters in the battle party will be Aurorai and Khasian for the entire game.

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